Zebi Is BlockChaining INDIA'S Big Data.

Zebi Is BlockChaining INDIA'S Big Data.

2018-02-24 | Mike Hallen

Zebi Is BlockChaining INDIA'S Big Data.

As the sheer amount of data in India grows exponentially, Zebi is ready to secure high-value and sensitive data, while making sure it’s instantaneously available for legitimate use – potentially revolutionizing the management of big data in India and abroad. MORE DATA, MORE PROBLEMS Solving India’s big data generation problem is no easy feat. The South Asian country has a population of nearly 1.24 billion, of which roughly one billion have some form of digital identity. The country is also rapidly approaching 500 million internet users – second only to China. Growing exponentially, India’s total amount of big data is expected to reach three Zebibytes (about three trillion Gigabytes) per year by 2021. This is due, in large part, to the continued usage of social networks, smartphones, and the internet in general. Unfortunately, with more data comes more crime. Companies and individuals are all susceptible to hacks, leaks, data tampering and identity theft – crimes which are increasing at an alarming rate, costing tens of billions of dollars every year.

Luckily, one company is looking to help resolve India’s big data issue. ZEBI – SECURING INDIA’S DATA ON THE BLOCKCHAIN Zebi aims to solve India’s big data problem with a blockchain-driven solution which makes high-value and sensitive data readily available for legitimate use, while also securing and safeguarding said data from hackers, cybercriminals, and wrongdoers. At the heart of Zebi is the Zebi Chain – in-house technology integrated with the Ethereum blockchain, which gives total flexibility to customers. Smart contracts on the Zebi Data Gateway make sure data exchange is consensual, potentially revolutionizing the protection and verification of land registries, the education sector, employment and health records, credit scores, personalized marketing, fraud detection, etc. Zebi Chain boasts a reliable and secure infrastructure which is enforced by the Ethereum blockchain. It is both tamper-proof and hacker-proof. All sensitive data requests go through explicit and granular consent mechanism – allowing for flexibility, while also remaining minimally intrusive, as smart contracts and digital signatures ensure data is exchanged with no human intervention required.

Additionally, Zebi Chain is fast, allowing for instantaneous and transparent access to data using DaaS APIs. It’s also eco-friendly since business processes can be fully automated to enable a true paperless exchange of information. Zebi’s future looks bright, especially given the company’s aim to provide a much-needed and valuable service to the Indian government — which itself is very bullish on blockchain technology. Zebi Pay – a way for government departments, individuals, and private organizations to pay for Zebi services in fiat – is also in the works. Finally, Zebi’s long-term plan is to transform the project into a full-service platform, which will allow others to create their own apps. Zebi also aims to secure its spot as the official Public Blockchain of India. A STRONG PEDIGREE Of course, no blockchain project can succeed without a stellar team behind it, and Zebi certainly isn’t lacking on that front. The company has been founded, mentored and managed by some serious brain power from Stanford, MIT, Oxford and IIT veterans and thought leaders from Silicon Valley, who boast work experience with big names like Google, Uber, Amazon, Microsoft, and Oracle. Zebi is also partnered with Torque Capital Partners. THE ZCO TOKEN Zebi Chain utilizes a standard ERC20 utility token (ZCO) on the Ethereum Blockchain, which will primarily be used as a mode of payment for all Zebi services, including transaction processing through and data protection by Zebi Chain. Normally, ZCO is priced at 0.0000333 ETH per token, and 300 million tokens will be sold with a hard cap of $10 million. Zebi has already completed a successful presale  in which 640 individuals registered and over $8.55 million was raised.

If you’re looking to get in on the action, there will be a crowdsale beginning on March 5. During that time, crowd sale participants on Zebi’s “Gold List” will receive a 3 hour window and guaranteed cap to participate. While the “Gold List” is currently closed investors may still sign up for the “Silver List” which would grant them access to the uncapped portion of the sale. In addition, Zebi is also hosting an Airdrop Lottery where the top 10 winners announced over Youtube live stream will share $100,000 in ZCO tokens. First place winner will receive $25,000 ZCO! You can find more information about Zebi, the team, and the project’s whitepaper on the company’s website at Zebi.io or by joining their Telegram chat.

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