ZCash [ZCH] Price Prediction : 3 Major Supporting Factor's.

ZCash [ZCH] Price Prediction : 3 Major Supporting Factor's.

2018-10-24 | Robin Williams

ZCash [ZCH] Price Prediction : 3 Major Supporting Factor's.

ZCash is presently trading around sensible levels. However, there are a few factors on the basis of which it's propelling forward. Within the last sixty days, the performance of ZCash [ZCH] has been comparatively better compared to several other cryptocurrencies. While most of the other cryptocurrencies are struggling, ZCash seems to have really amassed some gains.

The major three factors supporting this growth are as under:

1. Listing On Gemini Exchange

The Winklevoss twins Cryptocurrency exchange ‘Gemini’ has became a prime factor in the price hike of ZCash [ZCH] as observed. After the announcement of the Gemini exchange to list ZCash, the daily volumes of ZCash have far more improved. Any listing on a platform in an exceedingly comparatively lesser-known cryptos invariably increase the volumes. With the rise of trade, the worth of the cryptocurrency additionally increases. This can be precisely predicted what's happening with ZCash. With the assistance of this listing, not solely the market cap has increased but the liquidity in ZCash [ZCH] has additionally been hiked. As a result, the worth of ZCash is increasing considerably. Also, it's up by virtually 40% within few weeks. This can be a transparent indication that there's vital investment in ZCash.

2. Overwinter Hard Fork

Zcash [ZCH] underwent a previous hard fork earlier in the mid of this year. Currently it's trading considerably higher from the lows as the developers hard forked the entire network. The name of the Hard fork was named Overwinter. However, one possibility is evidently that this assistance of hard fork, created adding a worth for the investors. Once further more value gets created for the investors, it'll be easier for the investors to receive rich dividends as well. This is also additionally propelling the further more trading of ZCash.

3. Ongoing worth moments

While re-analysing the price of ZCash [ZCH] since from May 2018, it’s clear that Zcash is approximately up by more than 40 %. As a result, additional investors are considering of investing in ZCash. which in turn is generating extra volumes. With these extra volumes, it'll become easier for ZCash to propel forward. This can be precisely expected what's happening. With this new listing, automatically newer volumes are being generated that is helping the cryptocurrency.

Further looking at the movement of ZCash [ZCH], its however appears like this momentum is here to stay. At the reporting time, ZCash is presently trading at a price of $122.439 USD which is 0.18% lower than yesterday.

ZCash [ZCH] Price Prediction : 3 Major Supporting Factor's.

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