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World’s Popular Podcaster Joe Rogan Has A ‘Lot Of Hope’ For Crypto.

In a current podcast conversation, notorious comic and critic Joe Rogan stated that he “had a lot of optimism” for cryptos.

Rogan discusses the potential of cryptocurrency with another podcast host Adam Curry in the 1760th session of his podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” which aired on January 8th. Notwithstanding Spotify’s efforts to limit several of the most inflammatory episodes, Rogan’s podcast has an astounding 11 million followers every episode.

Curry hosts the right-wing podcast “No Agenda,” which was chastised by the mass press as well as the healthcare profession for propagating conspiracies.

Curry stated that “an entire crop of youthful folks are simply choosing out, as well as they are migrating to establish parallel systems as well as parallel networks,” prior to actually continuing, “I’m on the Bitcoin bandwagon since I feel my investment is secure there.”

The Metaverse as envisioned by Rogan as well as Curry, also talked about the prospect of a “Silicon Valley-controlled” digital Metaverse, as well as the significance of NFTs in this realm.
Rogan imagined a world in which businesses create unique digital tokens that users will need to utilize to buy their items.

Curry, on the other hand, is skeptical, stating “that’s not the strategy,” as well as predicts that strong institutions, as well as governments, would rather focus on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

Notwithstanding the podcasters’ favorable assessment of cryptocurrency, numerous network participants stayed dubious. “An encouragement from Captain Pseudoscience,” a Reddit member “thenudelman” said in a statement to the r/Cryptocurrency forum. “I could have done without that.” “He’s an imbecile as well as the last individual we need to be affiliated with Cryptocurrency,” some other member, “Dubsy 101,” said.

Both Rogan as well as Curry have proven to be very divisive characters in the cryptocurrency world and globally. Rogan is renowned for his outspoken opposition to “political correctness,” as well as he has been chastised previously for delivering racist, sexist, even transphobic remarks.

CashApp compensated Rogan in July 2021 to advise his followers to acquire Bitcoin (BTC), as well as he received a $100,000 BTC payment in November.

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