WISeKey Open's Its Blockchain Center Of Excellence In Geneva.

WISeKey Open's Its Blockchain Center Of Excellence In Geneva.

2019-02-04 | Big Bob

WISeKey Open's Its Blockchain Center Of Excellence In Geneva.

In line with a recent official 'announcement', Switzerland-based cybersecurity and blockchain firm named ‘WISeKey’ has opened its new Blockchain Center of Excellence in Geneva.

WISeKey focuses on secure authentication and identification employing a cryptographic tool known as Root of Trust. The firm is additionally incorporating IoT [Internet of Things] and blockchain technology into its operations and portfolio.

The Geneva Blockchain Center of Excellence will supposedly assist blockchain-related startups additionally in researching and promoting new technology. It'll conjointly aim to expedite the adoption of blockchain technology within the public along with the private sectors.

Opening this new hub is part of a partnership with the BRI [Blockchain Research Institute], that aims opening up additional centers within 'China', 'India', 'U.S.' and 'Africa'.

The goal of the international blockchain centers is to coordinate with business, academia, and alternative centers and to share best practices and resources. Every center can supposedly develop its own area of expertise. Geneva would target fintech, whereas the centers in Argentina will specialise in anti-counterfeiting platforms.

Earlier in Jan. last, WISekey revealed the opening of its Global Blockchain Center in Malaysia as a part of its partnership with a subsidiary of Malaysian tech investment holding ‘Censof’. Board director of Censof named Ameer bin Shaik Mydin added stating, “The potential benefits of blockchain can facilitate drive efficiencies for our consumers.”

Even earlier on 23rd Jan., WISeKey 'declared' a blockchain-based identity partnership with the non-profit Race for Water Foundation, that aims to cut-off ocean pollution using the blockchain technology.

WISeKey will form a digital identity stored on its blockchain for each plastic product manufactured by the participating firms. The product would then be connected with a secure form-factor on the product embodying QR codes and microchips. Re-cycling efforts for every product to be tracked and recorded employing the blockchain technology.

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