Winklevoss Twins To Pay $45K As Compensation After New Ruling.

Winklevoss Twins To Pay $45K As Compensation After New Ruling.

2019-02-09 | Eddy Morgan

Winklevoss Twins To Pay $45K As Compensation After New Ruling.

In line with a recent official document 'filed', renowned bitcoin [BTC] advocate and entrepreneur named ‘Charlie Shrem’ can receive around $45,000 USD in legal penalties from Winklevoss twins [Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss] as a part of an ongoing legal proceeding. 

The latest update within the long legal proceedings between the former business partners, a judge at the District Court of the Southern District in NY [New York] made an judgement in favor of Shrem for a 2nd time within the last 3 months.

The Winklevoss twins had instigated an investigation and digital assets froze on Shrem once after a fallout over money owed from a years-old Bitcoin [BTC] trade deal.

Earlier in Nov., the 'court' likewise reduced the scope of the Winklevoss twins claims, with the legal fees compensation from the process now due.

The legal proceeding would now continue covering new ground lately in June .

As reported earlier, the present battle is the result of years of suspicion between the Winklevoss twins and Shrem. The dispute goes back earlier to 2013, once Shrem allegedly failed to return 5,000 Bitcoin’s [BTC] owed to the twins, but instead, they accuse, spent the funds on personal things over a long period.

Shrem’s attorney denied these claims.

After serving time in jail for his role in now-defunct marketplace named ‘Silk Road’, Shrem has came back to the cryptocurrency scene, whereas the Winklevoss twins operate their own exchange platform named ‘Gemini’.

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