Wikipedia Makes Record By Selling Its First NFT For $750k.

Wikipedia Makes Record By Selling Its First NFT For $750k.

2021-12-18 | Daniel Smith

Wikipedia Makes Record By Selling Its First NFT For $750k.

Following its 20th anniversary in January, the free Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia keeps making records by auctioning its first nonfungible token (NFT) through auction house Christie's. On December 15, Christie's closed an auction of two Wikipedia-related artifacts from Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales. The online sale, headlined The Birth of Wikipedia, had two lots: an NFT of Wikipedia's first update, which went for $750,000, and a Strawberry iMac utilized by Wales to launch Wikipedia, which went for $187,500. The NFT lot includes the inaugural message placed to [Wikipedia] by the site's co-founder in 2001, commemorating a special moment in internet history: Wales wrote the words "Hello, World!" after establishing the site on January 15, 2001. Built on the soonest possible source code, the NFT retains the layout of the Wikipedia home page in 2001. The NFT also has a function that enables the operator to change the page, which can then be restored with a clock to return to its previous condition. As per the auction company, a portion of the revenues will be used to help Wales' alternative social media network trial project WT.Social. Christie's, one of the globe's major auction houses, entered the NFT business in early 2021, unveiling in February the auction of its first-ever "purely digital piece of art" by digital artist Beeple. In March, Beeple's NFT "Every day: The First 5000 Days" bought for even more than $69 million, making it one of the globe's topmost costly NFTs.

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