Why Shiba Inu And Metaverse Are a "Forced" Love Match.

Why Shiba Inu And Metaverse Are a "Forced" Love Match.

2021-11-29 | Selina Mathew

Why Shiba Inu And Metaverse Are a "Forced" Love Match.

In November, Shiba Inu's popularity dropped by more than 44%. The community, on the other hand, is rarely devoid of optimism. Significant news was recently made that has once again piqued the community's interest. The current evolution of the meme token was particularly fascinating in terms of its long-term presence in the cryptocurrency business, with the price of the coin below $ 0.00004. Do Shiba Inu embrace the game's center? Shytoshi Kusama, a well-known Shiba Inu enthusiast, informed Medium that the development team has teamed up with William David Volk to create a Shiba-themed video game. In the game sector, Volk is a pioneer. The developer is the co-creator of iWack, the first iPhone game, and is the former vice president of technology at Activision Studios. Volk has a total of 36 years of experience with it. The game will not be built on blockchain at first, according to the Medium article. There will be a blockchain version constructed using Shiba Inu's decentralized network. This is when things start to get interesting. Kusama went on to say that the blockchain game's long-term objective is to include Shiba Inu into the metaverse realm. Furthermore, the team leader stated that his strategy will be very different from that of Facebook. Is there a success tale in the works? At every stage of his development, the Shiba Inu pulls a rabbit from his hat. It has a decentralized exchange, some platforms utilize it as a payment witness, and it currently welcomes any changes that would allow Metaverse and the blockchain gaming sector to be more accessible. Shiba Inu has fewer active deposits than any other large project at the time of publication. It's unpleasant to the point of embarrassment, given that the website only lists 157. The DOGE meme money has about 1400 users, whereas Bitcoin has over 52000. It's fair to say that things are still in the early stages of development. Shiba Inu's psychological value has risen as a result of an aggressive happy mood. The aggregate bullish character of Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2021 is partly responsible for this view. Regardless of if there is a favourable community, Shiba Inu may not recover if there is a liquidity drain such as BTC, ETH, or other big assets. Investors may not anticipate much from the Metaverse competition if the downturn market takes hold. Speculators can wager at home that Shiba Inu will not be able to perform the task in virtual reality right now.  

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