WhatsApp Now Supports Cryptocurrency Exchanges - Exclusive.

WhatsApp Now Supports Cryptocurrency Exchanges - Exclusive.

2021-12-11 | Daniel Smith

WhatsApp Now Supports Cryptocurrency Exchanges - Exclusive.

As per Reuters, WhatsApp, the world's most popular messaging program, has incorporated Novi wallet's bitcoin transaction tech within the app. Novi CEO Stephane Kasriel shared pictures of the application's updated money-sending layout. Whatsapp customers will be capable of choosing the sum of money they would like to transfer and verifying the payment with the receiver in real-time. The program is currently being evaluated and is accessible to certain US customers.

BitFury CEO Brian Brooks Raises Issue Of XRP's Validity

Throughout a current conference between crypto CEOs and Congress, BitFury CEO Brian Brooks raised the issue of XRP's validity. He proposed listing the coin on US exchanges if authorities deem it a security. Citing XRP as an illustration, Brooks stated that it is hard to push cryptocurrencies beyond the limitations of present regulations, and hence authorities should make the legislation more accepting of crypto.

Avalanche Now Completely Supports Shiba Inu

Avalanche Bridge currently supports Shiba Inu meme cryptocurrency. As a result, SHIB tokens may be exchanged among Ethereum and Avalanche. Customers may also use the bridge to transport packaged forms of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Avalanche's AVAX eclipsed Shiba Inu in terms of market cap nearly three weeks ago and is currently ranked 12th on CoinMarketCap, just above canine currency.

Squid Game Fraudsters May Have Purchased 3.2 Trillion SHIB

The controversial "Squid Game" GameFi project, which took investors' money and then disappeared without providing any goods, seems to be behind the three trillion SHIB acquisition, according to reports. Per a Shiba-related Twitter feed, the whole transaction was made with scam-related cryptocurrency, which might pose issues for the overall Shib clan. The activities are associated with wallet accounts that have been "marked" with hijacked tokens and sent to the mixer app. Though the concept has to be proven, coins are actually connected to an address ending in "c802c," which is utilized by the crypto mixer program.

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