What Will Be Bitcoin Like In 2022? Understanding VORTECSTM Technicals.

What Will Be Bitcoin Like In 2022? Understanding VORTECSTM Technicals.

2022-01-10 | Daniel Smith

What Will Be Bitcoin Like In 2022? Understanding VORTECSTM Technicals.

An automated testing method centered on Markets Pro's primary signal, the VORTECSTM Score, generated a 20,573 percent ROI for Bitcoin (BTC) as it began trading at roughly $40,200 on that day, and its current price of $41,650 USD represents a 4% year over year.  What this implies for retail traders such as you and me is as follows.

What's the best way for me to earn my 20,000 percent a year?

You can't, to put it succinctly. No other human being is capable of doing so. However, utilizing the same ideas that underpin this shocking ROI, cryptocurrency investors may significantly improve their altcoin trading play.

The reported statistic is based on a live evaluation of several VORTECSTM-based trading techniques that began on the platform's debut day. This is how it goes.

The VORTECSTM Score is an AI-powered trading signal that sifts through the previous behavior of every digital asset to uncover multi-dimensional mixtures of trading as well as social mood variables that have historically been bullish or bearish. Imagine a case in which Solana (SOL) receives an additional 150 percent of favorable tweet references along with a 20% to 30% increase in trading volume versus a flat price, and its price surges dramatically during the following two to three days.

The system will award a strong VORTECSTM Score to an asset if it detects a historically bullish configuration such as this in, for example, SOL's real-time data. The traditional bullishness threshold is 80, and the higher the score, the further sure the model would be that the prognosis is good.

Beginning on the first day, the Markets Pro team live-tested a variety of theoretical trading strategies centered on "purchasing" all assets that reach a particular VORTECSTM Score and afterward "selling" those after a given period of time in an attempt to obtain a feeling of how the model works.

To The Point & Beyond

These ridiculous figures illustrate that the gains earned by high-VORTECSTM assets multiplied effectively across time. But what good is a repeating approach if real-world traders can't duplicate it? Average returns following high Scores is a more realistic approach to look at the VORTECSTM model's effectiveness. There was no complex rebalancing, simply a simple average price adjustment that all high-scoring tokens showed X hours after hitting Score Y.

When you think about it, the image painted by these averages is just as striking as the incredible potential yearly returns. The table shows consistently favorable price dynamics following high Scores, averaging among all asset classes and market conditions over the course of the year.

The pattern is clear: tokens with VORTECSTM Scores of 80, 85, and 90 are likely to gain in value over the subsequent 168 hours. Bigger scores correspond to larger returns: the algorithm's increased conviction in the bullishness of the given circumstances does, in fact, translate into higher returns. Another key component is period: the longer you wait after reaching a reference criterion, the higher your average ROI will be.

In this respect, instead of attempting to execute the complicated "Purchase 80, Sell 24 hours" algorithmic approach (which is, once again, useless), genuine traders could improve their chances by purchasing at higher Scores as well as holding for extended periods of time.

Predictability varies

Internal Markets Pro study examined if certain coins are much more likely than peers to display historically bullish trading circumstances prior to significant price gains. This proved to be the situation, with tokens such as AXS, MATIC, AAVE, and LUNA topping the field in respect of the most consistent favorable price dynamics after historically favorable settings. Consequently, the majority of high-VORTECSTM performers had strong positive returns.

These divergent pieces of statistical data – the mind-boggling ROIs of algorithmic live-testing techniques, the reasonable average gains of high-VORTECSTM assets, as well as personal coins' stable average yields after high Scores – present a credible argument for the functionality of the "heritage rhymes" strategy to cryptocurrency trading following a full year in the procedure.

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