What Exactly Is AOPP? Learn Why Bitcoin World Is Not Happy Regarding It?

What Exactly Is AOPP? Learn Why Bitcoin World Is Not Happy Regarding It?

2022-01-30 | Big Bob

What Exactly Is AOPP? Learn Why Bitcoin World Is Not Happy Regarding It?

The Address Ownership Proof Protocol, or AOPP, may have been the greatest complex Bitcoin assault to date. The powers that be attacked several of the most recognized wallets in the sector using a relatively innocent protocol that only impacted users in Switzerland. Only customers who purchased Bitcoin from Swiss centralized exchanges and were currently properly KYC'd had to show ownership of their wallet's address, so it didn't appear to be a big deal. But it was true.

Despite the fact that numerous wallets implemented the protocol, Trezor received the majority of the criticism.

What Did Trezor Have to Say Regarding AOPP?

On January 27th, soon in the morning, an official story confirming Trezor's adoption of AOPP suddenly appeared on the timeframe. It was even attempted to be used for advertising by the corporation.

The Bitcoin community was not pleased. Why? Since hardware wallets are designed to be self-contained. Yet they'll seize a mile if you give them an inch. Trezor had to clarify its position on Twitter by the afternoon.

Swan "That creates no logic, how does it achieve that precisely?" said Bitcoin's Guy Swann. This seems as stupid to me as stating, "You will regain your independence back if you only agree with all the demands that destroy your freedom."

It won't work that the sample provided by the business that created AOPP seemed to expose an unreasonable amount of data on each transaction. Begin with the name and address of the persons doing the transaction.

Samourai Wallet Has No Remorse

Numerous wallets expressed their displeasure. "We'd sooner bomb our software than enable something destructive to Bitcoin such as AOPP," the guys behind Zeus, for instance, declared. Samourai, on the other hand, went all-in.

Samourai requested that other wallets rethink their AOPP support. That is exactly what they did, piece by piece. "Users that wish to utilize exchanges in unfriendly jurisdictions (like Switzerland) can certainly physically sign a document with their private key, however, we would NOT be enabling this communication in any manner via any API," they concluded.

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