What Does Ethereum Classic Separation From Ethereum 2.0 Mean For Investors?

What Does Ethereum Classic Separation From Ethereum 2.0 Mean For Investors?

2021-10-07 | Eddy Morgan

What Does Ethereum Classic Separation From Ethereum 2.0 Mean For Investors?

For Ethereum (ETH), the previous few days have been extremely exciting. The price of the world's largest altcoin has risen from $2.8k to $3.5k in less than a week. When Ethereum has surged in the past, the whole altcoin spectrum has usually followed suit. Story With A Twist There was a time when holding Ethereum Classic (ETC) in your portfolio made sense if you already owned Ethereum (ETH). That story, on the other hand, has progressively become obsolete. The ETC market has lost its allure of volatility, and the alt's candles on the daily chart have grown extremely compressed as a result. Even throughout the recent drops in September, its price stayed stable in the ‘comfortable' $40-$70 range. The price of Ethereum, on the other hand, has been skyrocketing since the beginning of the month. Despite the fact that ETC's chart pattern is relatively similar to Ethereum's, it should be noted that ETC has not been able to keep up with Ethereum's growth. Investors, in fact, have borne the brunt of the former's stagnation. Ethereum, for example, has returned over 64 percent to its investors in the last three months, while ETC's returns have been as low as 7%. Catalysts for Ethereum's Appreciation The majority of Ethereum's organic growth may be ascribed to network improvements and advancements. Its developmental activity has been very constant on a large scale. On the other hand, following a few large jumps in the 2018-2020 era, Ethereum Classic's activity on this front has been underwhelming. Even if it has recently increased, it is important to note that it is still far from its prior highs. More advanced versions of any network should be created in order for it to remain relevant in the face of increasing competition and changing trends. Ethereum has done a good job of accommodating this. In August, for example, the network suffered its London hard fork. The company's Altair update is expected to go live later this month. However, there isn't much planned for Ethereum Classic. To make matters worse, the planned ETC Treasury has lately lost ETC Cooperative's backing. ECIP-1098 is likewise no longer a feasible concept, according to the report. Ethereum also enjoys the support of institutional investors. Over $20.2 million in institutional inflows were recorded only last week. Unfortunately, there isn't much support for Ethereum Classic on the market. In reality, the waning interest of ordinary investors can be seen clearly on the volume traded chart.

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