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Warren Buffett To Invest In Bitcoin Soon – Crypto Market Is Accumulating.

Jason Williams – The co-founder and partner at hedge fund Morgan Creek Digital, predicts that the renowned investor and business tycoon Warren Buffett will be investing in Bitcoin [BTC] soon.

Within a recent official tweet on 15th Aug., Williams acknowledged a number of the foremost recent investment decisions of the American billionaire and predicted that he will definitely end up in purchasing Bitcoin.

Warren Buffett To Invest In Bitcoin Soon - Crypto Market Is Accumulating.

Williams was referring to the foremost recent changes to the portfolio of Berkshire Hathaway, where Buffett is chairman and CEO. Fortune reported on 14th Aug. that the firm sold bank stocks alongside airline stocks and purchased Barrick Gold, a Canada-based company whose stock price is correlated thereupon of gold.

Berkshire Hathaway sold Goldman Sachs stock, alongside cutting his position in JPMorgan Chase by 61% and selling a number of its Wells Fargo and PNC holdings. The report suggests that Buffett could also be anticipating increasing loan defaults caused by the coronavirus-caused economic downturn, that could affect banks and their stock prices.

As reported earlier in May 2018, Buffett has been rather negative about cryptocurrencies as an entire. Moreover, he added that Bitcoin [BTC] is “probably rat poison squared.”

While Buffett’s past comments about cryptocurrencies make his direct investment in Bitcoin seem rather unlikely, Williams believes that his multinational conglomerate company Berkshire Hathaway is probably going to purchase the coin:

“It’s the young managers and analysts that push the gold trade and BTC trade. He won’t even know it when it happens.”

Also on 15th May, Max Keiser – the founder of Heisenberg Capital and an early Bitcoin investor – suggested that Buffett’s investment in gold could push Bitcoin’s price to $50k. He suggested that positive sentiment around gold implies a better valuation for Bitcoin:

“Global $100 trillion fund management biz is smaller than 1% invested in Gold. With Buffett now investing into Gold. Expect global allocation of 5% AU min. Implies $5k Gold. Expect a 1% BTC global allocation [$1 trillion]. This suggests $50k support for Bitcoin.”

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