Walmart Patents A New Project Based On Blockchain Technology.

Walmart Patents A New Project Based On Blockchain Technology.

2018-08-31 | Selina Mathew

Walmart Patents A New Project Based On Blockchain Technology.

According to new patent documents filed by Walmart at the United States Patent and Trademark Office ‘USPO,’ under the name ’in-field authenticating of autonomous robots,’ the company confirmed its new attempt to build an army of autonomous robots controlled through a blockchain network.

The patents title at once conjures up visions, however the retail empire claims it’s not building Skynet. Rather, Walmart says that it plans to use its legions of autonomous robots to create deliveries, presumptively during a bid to contend additional effectively with Amazon during a retail landscape that favors more the Bezos brainchild.

The patent documents detail a system within which multiple robots handle the delivery of a package throughout completely different legs of the availability chain, utilising wireless signals to confirm the identity of one another.

Such a system would be a high-value target for hackers, that is why Walmart believes that distributed ledger technology (DLT) might facilitate more security against potentially harmful wrong doings.

The authors explain:

“In some embodiments of mentioned above, blockchain technology could also be used to record authentication signals and identification infos to facilitate from in-field authentication between autonomous electronic devices. One or additional autonomous electronic devices mentioned herein could comprise a node during a distributed blockchain system storing a replica of the blockchain record. Updates to the blockchain could comprise authentication signals or identification infos, and one or additional nodes on the system could also be designed to include updates into blocks to add a feature to the distributed database.”

However, last year also the firm applied to patent a system that may use DLT to manage package delivery hubs (e.g. lockers). The system would automatically reserve locker, packages, guaranteeing that orders are solely delivered.

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