Vodafone Plans To Auction Its First 'Christmas SMS' As An NFT On 21st Globally.

Vodafone Plans To Auction Its First 'Christmas SMS' As An NFT On 21st Globally.

2021-12-19 | Daniel Smith

Vodafone Plans To Auction Its First 'Christmas SMS' As An NFT On 21st Globally.

Vodafone, the British telecommunications company, is apparently planning to auction the globe's first Short Message Service (SMS) in the guise of a nonfungible token (NFT) on December 21. The SMS, which reads "Merry Christmas," has been sent 29 years back on December 3, 1992, across the Vodafone network and was intercepted by Richard Jarvis, a worker at the moment. As per Romanian media site Ziarul Financiar, the historic 15-character-long SMS would be sold off as an NFT in a one-time sale by the Aguttes Auction House in France. Vodafone proposes to donate the proceeds from the sale of the planet's first SMS in the kind of NFT to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (the UN Refugee Agency) to assist involuntarily relocated individuals. The commercial banner reads as "Christmas greetings. As NFT, the globe's inaugural SMS was auctioned off for charity ". Vodafone's SMS NFT sale will be held this Tuesday, December 21, through an electronic auction in which bidders can submit bids in Ethereum (ETH). The highest bid will be the exclusive proprietor of the communication protocol utilized to send the globe's first SMS. To contribute to SMS's renown, it took nine years for alternative networks to catch up with Vodafone's capacity to send and collect SMS. This initiative to mint the planet's inaugural SMS is another demonstration of NFT's capacity to tokenize and digitally record history. As firms identify use cases for a cryptocurrency inside their existing business structures, the NFT ecosystem has catalyzed its widespread acceptance. Adidas unveiled the release of an "Into the Metaverse" NFT collection just a few weeks ago. On December 17 at a price of 0.2 ETH, which is currently valued at $810The Adidas Originals NFT sale will take place on the company's own. Nike, too, purchased a virtual footwear and collectibles firm RTFKT only days preceding Adidas' arrival, indicating a major interest in the metaverse.

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