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Venezuela’s 2nd Largest Bank Accepts Petro [PTR] In All Of Its Branches.

In line with a recent ‘official tweet‘ published by the Venezuela’s Finance Ministry, Nicolas Maduro – Venezuela’s President has ordered the country’s leading bank named ‘Banco deVenezuela’, to accept the nation’s ‘cryptocurrency‘, the Petro [PTR] within all of its branches.

As per the tweet, Maduro ordered “to open Petro desks all the branches of the Bank of Venezuela.” The announcement apparently came within an event celebrating the 10th anniversary of the nationalization of the ‘bank‘ in question.

Earlier on 19th June, Maduro ‘proclaimed‘ that around 924 Mln bolivars [over $92.5 Mln] were allotted to the Digital Bank of Youth and Students to open around 1 Mln Petro wallet accounts for the country’s youth. The president of the country’s National Cryptocurrency Association named ‘José Angel Alvarez,’ while in a recent ‘interview‘ with CCN said:

“It is a daring and correct call to move forward towards a hybrid economy where the fiduciary currency of the nation competes face to face with cryptocurrency.”

As ‘reported‘ earlier in January, Venezuela has taken issue with U.S. sanctions, together with those levied specifically against transactions within the country’s national digital currency, the Petro. Later In March, President Trump ‘prohibited‘ U.S. users from purchasing ‘Petro’.

Also in May, another ‘news‘ broke that Venezuela is considering closing mutual trade settlements with Russia using the ruble.

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