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Using AI To Detect & Stop CryptoJackers – Software Developed.

Leading scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory, within the United States govt-funded research outpost that once hosted the atom bomb Manhattan Project, say they have designed an automated intelligence for detecting would-be cryptojackers.

Within an official press-release published, the scientists revealed that their new AI sniffs out malicious code injections which can turn vulnerable supercomputers into cryptojackers zombie cryptocurrency mining operations, a significant IT issue that strikes governments and corporations globally.

Called SiCaGCN, the neural network works by checking if a given program has the proper backend structure to run on the operating system.  Those who do, pass through, while those who don’t, get flagged for removal.

According to the project researcher Gopinath Chennupati:

“This sort of software watchdog will soon be crucial to stop cryptocurrency miners from hacking into high-performance computing facilities and stealing important computing resources,”

SiCaGCN detected cryptojacking code faster and more reliably than non-AI solutions, consistent with the statement. The scientists originally proposed SiCaGCN within the journal IEEE Access last month.

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