Upto $50k Bounty Rewards For Bugs Discovered In Ethereum Altair Upgrade.

Upto $50k Bounty Rewards For Bugs Discovered In Ethereum Altair Upgrade.

2021-10-05 | Mike Hallen

Upto $50k Bounty Rewards For Bugs Discovered In Ethereum Altair Upgrade.

Ethereum [ETH] announced a benefit to its community to find bugs on its network before the development of Altair. The renewal was announced at the end of September and the launch date was set for October 27, about three weeks from now. The devs also provided timely and blocking that the development is scheduled to go live.  It is the next big step in the journey to ETH 2.0. The key to bringing about the “limits of punishment” was made public in EIP-2982. Prior to this launch, the devs worked to ensure that the network was as secure as possible. So in order to avoid problems with its launch, the team has launched a bug bounty program to encourage its community to discover and report vulnerabilities in the ecosystem. The Ethereum bug bounty comes with several prize categories for hackers depending on the size of the bug found. This is to encourage "white" hats to report bugs that they find on the network that will be repaired instead of exploiting them for their own benefit. The benefit applies to all bugs found in the ETH 2.0 protocol, but all bugs detected directly in relation to Altair's future development promise double rewards to recipients. Upto $50k Bounty Rewards For Bugs Discovered In Ethereum Altair Upgrade.

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With less than four weeks left, the team continues to work to ensure that there are no delays in this very important development. It leads to the removal of bugs from the network in its community. The declaration of bounty lists two categories of errors that are permissible to post. While the rewards for the bugs detected are based on the points system. Points are awarded to hackers according to the size of the distraction they receive. Each point is equal to $ 2 or 2 DAI, or the equivalent paid to ETH in the exchange rate. Bug severity categories range from low to moderate, high to severe. A decentralized stablecoin that is directly tied to the price of the US dollar, with monetary rewards of up to 2,000 DAI. The highest rewards are for high impact, high probability significant rewards. These are insects that need to be fixed immediately and can cause a lot of damage to the ecosystem if they are not addressed properly. Rewards for this category of bug bounty carry the most points and, as such, the highest amount of monetary compensation. The marks awarded for the critical category go up to a total of 50,000 DAI, 25,000 marks for the maximum payout. Researchers and employees of the Ethereum Foundation and ETH2 clients are prohibited from participating in the bug bounty.

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