U.S Representatives Disclosed Their Holdings In CryptoCurrencies.

U.S Representatives Disclosed Their Holdings In CryptoCurrencies.

2018-08-23 | Robin Williams

U.S Representatives Disclosed Their Holdings In CryptoCurrencies.

As per an earlier report published by EtherDesk mentioning the new rule imposed in U.S. implemented to the disclosure of holdings in digital currencies, one of the representatives ’Tulsi Gabbard’ has revealed that she has invested more than a thousand dollars in Ethereum and Litecoin. As per this new rule implemented under ‘Financial disclosure Reporting’ every U.S. representative have to report their holdings in cryptocurrencies for more than $1000 dollars under the ‘Assets and Unearned Income’ category.

Confirming to this new rule, she disclosed her holdings which according to her were bought on 12th Dec. previous year. Ethereum's value reached a high of $659 USD and low of $526 USD that day. At this press time of reporting, Ethereum is currently traded at $271.08 USD. Similarly the another cryptocurrency she invested in was Litecoin which was listed at a price between $340USD to $232 USD on that day, whereas at present time its traded at a price of around $56 USD.

However as per Gabbard's disclosure, she failed to create capital gains bigger than $200 USD on either tokens.

Another representative ‘Robert Goodlatte’ also disclosed his similar filing in which he has invested in Bitcoin ‘BTC’, Bitcoin Cash ‘BCH’ and Ethereum ‘ETH’. In his disclosure, he declared that his investments between $1,000 USD to $15,000 USD in Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum, and over $15,000 USD in Bitcoins. However, Goodlatte also disclosed no capital gains from his holdings.

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