U.S. Congressman Discloses Their Holdings In Cryptocurrencies.

U.S. Congressman Discloses Their Holdings In Cryptocurrencies.

2018-08-07 | Selina Mathew

U.S. Congressman Discloses Their Holdings In Cryptocurrencies.

As per a recent report by the Sludge report yesterday on Aug.6 , the judiciary committer of the US house of representatives could be the primary first member among the congress to disclose their own cryptocurrency.

According to the new rule regarding the revealing of holdings in cryptocurrencies, the congressman ‘Bob Goodlatte’ filed a statement of holding around $90,000 in respective cryptocurrencies. As per the report filed the congressman has chiefly endowed in Bitcoin ‘BTC’ with investing in other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash’ BCH’ and Ethereum ‘ETH’. As per this new rule implemented in US , all the community members are to disclose their holdings in cryptocurrencies valved over $1,000 USD.

Bobby Goodlatte Jr., who is son of the congressman ‘Bob Goodlatte’ is reportedly associated with the investigation of the crypto exchange namely ‘Coinbase’, but it's unclear for now that how much he himself has invested in digital currencies.

Even now also, some lawmakers within the U.S. Congress think cryptocurrencies as associated with suspicion and outright derision. At a hearing this spring, Representative Sherman of American state went even far on cryptocurrencies calling it “a crock” adding that they will solely serve to “help terrorists and criminals move cash round the world.”

While some regulators and lawmakers have entailed modification of laws on digital currencies.However a bitcoin-friendly congresswoman ‘Jared Polis’ is well known for the establishment of the Congressman Blockchain Caucus, which in future is expected to expand the blockchain technology among the community.

Senator Mark Warner earned a name as a crypto-bull in podcasting the market’s capitalisation to exceed by more than 20 Trillion by 2020. Admiring digital currencies he said as:

“I was associate degree early capitalist in cell phones back within the '80s, and that i believe blockchain has the potential to be even as transformational as cell phones. As our government begins to seem at crypto, i do not assume you'll be able to separate cryptocurrencies from the technology they are supported.”

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