TRON Launches Its New Project 'Atlas' For Existing BitTorrent Users.

TRON Launches Its New Project 'Atlas' For Existing BitTorrent Users.

2018-10-04 | Eddy Morgan

TRON Launches Its New Project 'Atlas' For Existing BitTorrent Users.

Earlier in this year, BitTorrent was acquired by TRON, along with its hundred million active monthly users. BitTorrent is a longtime established peer-to-peer network with a developed and tested infrastructure, however solely time would tell how well this collaboration works.

It’s an intriguing move, but what will it mean? Peer-to-peer file sharing has perpetually been a preferred means of exchanging data and media on-line, with around twenty seven million users using it to share or transfer files each day.

It’s clearly a vital area and dates back to the starting days of the web. File sharing advocates are fast to signalize to its worth in promoting democracy, openness, and therefore the free exchange of ideas. Its detractors, of course, would purpose to the misuse of file sharing and torrenting platforms by pirates and criminals.

Still, several projects within this space are committed in creating the web a fairer and a lot more localized place, wherever users could interact directly with each other rather than just relying on the centralized third parties. During this sense, it's one thing in common within the pace of blockchain.

Project Atlas as a part of TRON,  is an endeavour to fuse two different sectors, with the aim of modifying the concept of how file sharing works.

The aim is to boost the existing means of the working of BitTorrent by introducing blockchain technology and tokens. BitTorrent already has reward systems in situ to encourage users to share files for extended and be accountable members of the community, however TRON hopes to use tokens to add this.

The system would use tokens to reward users who seed files for extended and use quicker nodes, also as those that share a lot of of their information bandwidth and cupboard space. This way, they hope to extend transfer speeds and build the file sharing expertise power tool which is a lot more pleasant.

It’s conjointly backward compatible, which implies the first BitTorrent computer codes that would still continue to work with this new changes being created. The team has promised to keep the BitTorrent merchandise free, that ought to be a relief for the software’s user base.

This new TRON project might facilitate more expertised usage of torrenting while improving its user experience. On the opposite hand, torrenting has found it arduous to shake off its shady name, and turning this around might be a big challenge to see in the coming days.

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