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Trend Micro Detects A Web Address Spreading A Botnet Including Monero [XMR] Mining Malware – Report.

In line with a recent official ‘web-blog post‘ published, renowned cybersecurity firm named ‘Trend Micro’ revealed that it has detected a web address spreading a botnet including a Monero [XMR] mining element alongside a backdoor.

According to the Trend Micro report, the firm attributes the ‘malware‘ to Outlaw Hacking cluster, as the techniques being deployed are actually similar as used within the previous operations. The software in question additionally holds DDoS [Distributed Denial of Service] capabilities, “allowing the cybercriminals to legitimise their botnet via cryptocurrency mining and by offering DDoS-for-hire services.”

Trend Micro additionally believes that the maker of the malware in question are till testing & developing it, since it consists of some scripts that were enclosed, but not implemented. The firm’s telemetry also reportedly detected infection attempts within China.

Earlier this month, Trend Micro ‘confirmed‘ that the attackers are exploiting a vulnerability within the Oracle WebLogic server to install-in a Monero ‘mining‘ malware while employing certificate files to amend the endeavour.

Also in May, Firefox Quantum, the newest version of the open source web browser named Firefox, ‘revealed‘ a new privacy toggle that protects against ‘cryptojacking‘. Users are now able to toggle an opt-in feature that supposedly blocks, might-be cryptojackers from taking advantage of spare computing power to mine crypto-currencies.

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