Travala Now Accpets Shiba Inu - Whale Purchases 99 Billion SHIB.

Travala Now Accpets Shiba Inu - Whale Purchases 99 Billion SHIB.

2021-12-09 | Daniel Smith

Travala Now Accpets Shiba Inu - Whale Purchases 99 Billion SHIB.

Travala Travel now permits the use of Shiba Inu as a medium of exchange. The Shiba Inu clan is commemorating another act of currency adoption. By an official announcement on Travala' Twitter account, Shiba Inu is now accepted as payment. Travala users may now use the meme token to book over 2.2 million hotels and lodgings worldwide. Dogecoin was added to the list of potential payment alternatives by the travel firm in early May.

Within An Hour, 80 Million XRP Were Moved

Three XRP transactions worth over $76 million were discovered on the blockchain yesterday, according to WhaleAlert. The initial transaction was the transfer of 40 million XRP from the official Ripple account to an anonymous wallet, which now has 30 million currency. The following transaction was done by an unidentified whale who deposited 20 million coins to the Bitso exchange 15 hours ago and got almost the same amount back an hour later. XRP stayed in the same trading range despite huge fund moves with considerable volatility.

Former Employee Blames SushiSwap For Manipulation

The Rekt News site, which monitors frauds and hacks, published a lengthy investigation into the SushiSwap drama based on the information given by anonymous developer AG and reports from "various informants." SushiSwap's architectural key developer 0xMaki was compelled to "drop-down" and accept an "advisory position" by a "circle of authority," which included SushiSwap CTO Joseph Delong and other top developers, as per the probe. Then, apparently, new "oligarchs" spent hundreds of dollars of SushiSwap cash on large intimate meals and even used monies generated for MISO's IDOs for day trading on personal accounts. In one of his most recent tweets, Joseph Delong did not address the claims but instead disregarded the whistleblower, citing certain former colleagues of manipulation and slander.

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