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Trading Activity For Bitcoin & Ether Futures Tops Over $32 Trillion In 2021.

As per The Block Research, the total trading volume of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) futures will exceed $32 trillion in 2021.

Depending upon statistics as of December 29th, this amount represents a huge 338 per cent rise above 2020 trade volumes. The year before, the aggregate trading volume of bitcoin and ether futures was more than $7 trillion.

May saw the greatest trading volume in 2021 for bitcoin as well as ether futures, with a total value of moreover $4 trillion. Binance is the industry torchbearer in both the BTC and ether futures markets.

2021 was also a milestone year for cryptocurrency spot trading volumes. Throughout the year, centralised crypto exchanges recorded above $14 trillion in trading volume, while decentralised exchanges witnessed over $1 trillion in trading activity.

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