Top ETH Whales Scoops Up MATIC, LINK, & FTX As Market Stumbles.

Top ETH Whales Scoops Up MATIC, LINK, & FTX As Market Stumbles.

2022-01-09 | Selina Mathew

Top ETH Whales Scoops Up MATIC, LINK, & FTX As Market Stumbles.

Whilst the dropping Bitcoin price is dragging the entire crypto sector to the South, certain whales on the leading 1,000 ETH list have acquired big quantities of LINK, Polygon (MATIC), and FTX in the last twenty-four hours, preferring to gamble on these currencies.

Furthermore, Binance as well as unidentified crypto wallets have moved 18.2 million MATIC.ETH whales continue to acquire MATIC, LINK, and FTX in large quantities.

While Bitcoin as well as pretty much the entire cryptocurrency market are still in fall, data from WhaleStats reveals that numerous whales in the top 1,000 ETH whales have acquired a significant amount of MATIC, LINK, and FTX in the last twenty-four hours.

Three whales purchased a total of 7,275,966 MATIC. That's $15,144,497 in today's money. WhaleStats classified the wallets 169, 119, and 557 as having gained this.

Additional three whales purchased a total of 222,801 LINK, with one of them, the 557-ranked whale, also grabbing 4.2 million MATIC. The value of this LINK is $5,705,908.

Two whales purchased $85,522,611 in FTX tokens, for a sum of 2,458,959 FTX.

Among the whales, one bought MATIC and LINK in one single transaction, as well as the enormous FTX sum indicated prior.

According to statistics from WhaleStats, MATIC is by far the highest transacted token amongst leading 1,000 ETH whales in the last 24 hours. By USD value, SHIB is the coin with the highest place. In the previous 24 hours, both LINK, as well as MATIC, have been in the top 10 most bought currencies.

Whales migrate 18.2 million MATIC units every year. Two big MATIC transfers have indeed been made in the last fifteen hours, as per Whale Alert. Binance has moved 5,861,079 MATIC tokens among its internal wallets in the last 10 hours. In fiat currency, the quantity of crypto is worth $12,119,079 dollars.

The second transfer was done between two unidentified wallets and included twice that many coins (12,414,921 MATIC valued at $26,181,601) as the first.

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