This Investor Paid $16 For A Cryptocurrency Domain And Sold It For $435,000

2022-05-02 | Selina Mathew

This Investor Paid $16 For A Cryptocurrency Domain And Sold It For $435,000

In a Twitter thread, @cryptofelon stated that he was contacted by GoDaddy, who claimed that a "multibillion-dollar" exchange was interested in purchasing the website address for $500.

After getting several messages, he informed them that he was only willing to sell the domain for 10 Bitcoin, which was worth $500,000 at the time.

Despite the fact that he wasn't anticipating a response, GoDaddy ultimately answered by stating that they were prepared to pay $200,000.

He decided to double down, pushing on 10 BTC, despite being informed that this asking price "would more than likely frighten the buyer away totally."

Screenshots of the GoDaddy email indicate that the corporation attempted to soften his determination — and even stated that he was a major. US domain names frequently sell for significantly less, with selling for $75,000... and changing hands for $36,000.

A High-Stakes Bargaining Session

Sadly, @cryptofelon's demand on receiving 10 BTC was met with silence — but a drop in Bitcoin's value in September may have played in their favor.

The bargaining proceeded, with GoDaddy responding that if @cryptofelon would shake hands on this sum, it could be able to persuade the corporation to go up to $350,000.

There were some days of stillness while he sought to see if his $435,000 demand would be honored — and as the painful wait persisted, he had to resist the impulse to write them again. "I wasn't looking to stretch out any more than I had previously," he stated.

Eventually, the email arrived, and the buyer confirmed that they were willing to pay the full $435,000.

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