TheDarkOverlord Hackers Group Revealed The 'Layer 1 Documents' Of 9/11 Attack.

TheDarkOverlord Hackers Group Revealed The 'Layer 1 Documents' Of 9/11 Attack.

2019-01-06 | Mike Hallen

TheDarkOverlord Hackers Group Revealed The 'Layer 1 Documents' Of 9/11 Attack.

A hackers 'group' with the name 'thedarkoverlord' has been threatening to reveal the 9/11 attack papers in demand of a Bitcoin ransom. They are demanding a huge sum of money in Bitcoin’s [BTC] that is $2 Mln, to be exact, to either publish or withhold the documents. They claim to have hacked several insurance firms with confidential crucial to the events of 9/11/2001 attack.

EtherDesk 'reported' this hacking event earlier this week. The link to the 'thedarkoverlord's' Twitter account has been suspended, at the time of reporting. Now, they have stirred to Steemit, a blockchain-based censorship-resistant social media platform. Since their initial announcement, they have received over three bitcoins from the general public. The first “level” and a couple of “checkpoints” are presently publicly accessible.

It’s All About Money

TheDarkOverlord hackers expressly stated that they don’t actually care about the reality. The 9/11 attack papers themselves are simply a vehicle to fetch cash. The group prefers payment over public release. They added that:

“Consider our direct motivations [money, specifically in Bitcoin’s], we’re not inclined to leak the juiciest things till we’re paid fully. However, within the interest of public awareness and transparency.

We’re formally announcing our tied compensation plans. Below, we’ll announce the specified price to release each layer of damaging documents that are full of new truths, ne'er before seen.”

A official web 'blog-post' explains the pricing scheme as:

Preview_Documents.container – Free, we released the free key to prove authenticity of our claims.

  • Layer_1.container – 5.000 USD of BTC [All Layer 1 Documents]
  • Layer_2.container – 50.000 USD of BTC [All Layer 2 Documents]
  • Layer_3.container – 1.00.000 USD of BTC [All Layer 3 Documents]
  • Layer_4.container – 1.000.000 USD of BTC [All Layer 4 Documents]
  • Layer_5.container –  2.000.000 USD of BTC [All Layer 5 Documents]

There are numerous “checkpoints” along the way. Consequently, since the general public has contributed over 3 Bitcoins [BTC], some of the checkpoints beyond layer one have already been reached and documents have been published. The bulk of the money was contributed in a single transaction.

What’s Next Expected Now?

9/11 truth-seeking still continues to be an enormous interest in the American culture. Doubtlessly several thousands of individuals don’t actually believe the official story. The 9/11 attack papers are of interest to several groups. The surprise terrorist attack in New York City and Washington DC marked a turning point within the American history.

Yesterday, the 'thedarkoverlord' group declared the unlocking of Layer 1. Those with an interest could get the key through their Steemit 'Blog'. They have already got many followers, and plenty of their posts are upvoted quite alot. 

However,  for now, it’s very hard to guess what impact full information of the 9/11 attack events would have on the society.

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