The Nova Finance Token Is Now Listed On AscendEX.

The Nova Finance Token Is Now Listed On AscendEX.

2022-01-14 | Selina Mathew

The Nova Finance Token Is Now Listed On AscendEX.

Nova Finance is a portfolio management structure developed on Solana that enables customers to utilise decentralised protocols sans having to acquire as well as comprehend complicated financial management abilities. Customers are asked to build a portfolio of assets to produce profits mechanically using yielding methods while implementing investing techniques including dollar-cost averaging, take-profit calls, as well as plenty more.

Nova's primary emphasis, as well as innovation, is its programmable asset architecture — a body of norms that both cryptocurrency aficionados, as well as inexperienced Defi players, may utilise to incorporate, or programme, their investing thesis into an asset.

Nova uses market information to identify patterns as well as modify asset mix immediately on-chain to accommodate the ever-changing investment environment. Nova dynamically optimises extra benefits via return producing services, decreasing downside risk in an effective way. The platform also provides exposure to assets other than cryptos, such as NFTs and securitized tokens, including more esoteric sorts of digital assets.

Users that utilise the customizable asset framework get an output token termed a nAsset, which represents the assets that the client has placed inside the system. Crucially, the makeup of a nAsset can vary throughout time as a result of any commands that are executed. The nAsset can also reflect extra assets created by the nAsset's directions.

Moreover, the system includes the Nova Token, a key administration focused token. It acts as a key weighing component in the administration system, allowing holders to develop as well as vote on on-chain governance propositions to set Nova Finance's future characteristics as well as limitations.

AscendEX is pleased to list NOVA and also to assist Nova Financial in its efforts to provide decentralised finance protocols that broaden economic prospects for a wide range of customers.

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