Telegram Voluntarily Dismisses Its Ongoing Case Against Lantah LLC.

Telegram Messenger Inc has voluntarily dismissed its case against Lantah LLC over the utilization of the ‘GRAM’ trademark for its digital token of the same name.

United States District Judge Charles Breyer ruled that Telegram will need to pay reasonable attorney fees to Lantah for defending the case since earlier from 2018.

As Lantah has not submitted records documenting its legal costs, the parties must now negotiate an inexpensive sum before reconvening with the court.

The judge dismissed the suit without prejudice to refiling, allowing Telegram to form claims over the GRAM trademark within the future & rejecting Lantah’s request for dismissal with prejudice.

Telegram dropped the lawsuit after abandoning its Telegram Open Network project earlier in May & settling with the United States SEC recently in June.

While Telegram revealed its plans to fund the launch of a blockchain network via the sale of GRAM tokens in late-December 2017, the Florida-based Lantah had formed earlier in the month of June 2017 and claimed to possess already planned to issue a digital currency referred as GRAM before Telegram.

Despite Lantah submitting an letter for the GRAM trademark by 2018, Telegram took action against the firm in May 2018 after raising $1.7 Bln via a 3 month offering of GRAM tokens.

Lantah filed counterclaims then in June 2018, asserting that it had priority over the trademark.On the other hand, the court would grant Telegram’s request for a preliminary injunction barring Lantah from employing the trademark, addding that Telegram had begun using the trademark within a commercial context prior Lantah.

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