Tech Giant Samsung Makes a Decentraland Ethereum Metaverse Premiere.

Tech Giant Samsung Makes a Decentraland Ethereum Metaverse Premiere.

2022-02-12 | Selina Mathew

Tech Giant Samsung Makes a Decentraland Ethereum Metaverse Premiere.

Samsung has created a full mini-city on the Ethereum-based Decentraland metaverse, from which they streamed live their major Samsung Unpacked ceremony showing their newest phone and technology.

Samsung, a South Korean conglomerate with an annual turnover of $200 billion, has built an interactive experience on Decentraland that game files touring their city area via a mini-game of sorts.

Following arriving via a gateway at Samsung HQ, or Samsung 837X as they name their metaverse, you're greeted by a big translucent genie (shown above) who invites you to discover and gather at minimum five boxes out of ten and return them for a guaranteed surprise.

So thus the adventure starts. There's a box concealed beyond the streaming screen in the theatrical hall where they live-streamed their huge occasion.

There's a dancing disco area with its personal leaping gateways and so adequate music. And there's the vast woodland to convey Samsung's core statement: sustainability.

Collecting the majority of the boxes necessitates returning to the HQ, where a flying car awaits you on the edge to provide a delightful encounter of attempting to reach the rooftop whilst also viewing the mini-city from over.

The best part is when you return to the genie, who congratulates you and offers you a seedling to plant in the forest.
We, naturally, opted to install it, this small tree that we were provided to bear, in front of the magnificent waterfall, where one experiences a bit of feeling following a lot of fun leaping up and down.

It takes us around an hour to discover what Samsung has constructed, with the exploration beginning ten minutes in.

We were handed a badge for planting that seed, a green heart on a blue backdrop, to convey the notion of transforming red hearts green.

This badge doesn't really seem to be a POAP (an NFT-based proof of attendance and participation), at minimum not on the xDAI side-chain that the majority of people utilize; however, it might be on the real blockchain, which could take some time to materialize.

We were urged to return on Valentine's Day rather than demonstrate our love for the forest, as the forest may reward us as a possible approach for ongoing participation.

Therefore, in approximately five days, we'll receive the actual gift, which will most likely be an NFT or a wearable. As an NFT, it will be the first-ever of its type by such a worldwide behemoth, and it may very easily become a matter of history with everything being electronically native.

It demonstrates that Samsung has the capabilities to embrace possible new territory, whilst also making themselves appear a little cooler since it's a really close engagement via a 3D medium.

When we went previously today, there were approximately 2,000 people on the Samsung city, with Decentraland handling the weight quite well since there were no breakdown connection disruptions or weight load difficulties.

That's a significant improvement from only a few months earlier when their servers appeared to be collapsing under their weight. Nevertheless, a little revamp of the UI reveals that certain modifications have occurred, and the Ethereum metaverse can currently manage the demand.

Samsung is only the most recent company to visit there. A fashion show is set to take place in the upcoming month, however, the shopping area is still under construction and has yet to make its appearance.

As a result, Decentraland is primarily a prototype platform for a novel 3D media that has the ability to be the next stage or dimension in the advancement of digital technology.

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