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SushiSwap Community Shifts From Uniswap To Its Own Native Platform.

The SushiSwap community has recently just approved a shift from Uniswap to its own native platform, which is being built as a fork of Uniswap’s project. Over 87% of the vote was in favor of the migration. Presently, there’s close to $180 Mln worth of liquidity within the ETH/SUSHI pair on Uniswap.

The SushiSwap’s total value staked has grown from 0 to $1.4. Bln in within a matter of few days. This is able to place the recently launched DeFi project behind Uniswap and tied with Maker and Aave. Like many other DeFi projects, it had been launched with limited security audits. A recent review (not an audit) by Quantstamp has identified several security vulnerabilities, via none of them of critical nature. Quantstamp communications manager, Jaye Harrill added:

“On the surface, Sushiswap seems like another nightly-built vegetable farm with endless APY revealed by the anonymously named NomiChef. But looking deeper we discover a highly engaged community on discord genuinely discussing the expansion of the very project they’re invested in.”

PeckShield performed an information security audit of the code and didn’t find any critical vulnerabilities either.

The idea behind the fork is to realize greater decentralization of the project, apparently, the pseudo-anonymous founders will keep 10% of the token supply.

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