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Survey Report : Increased Interest Of Investors In Buying More CryptoCurrencies By This Year.

According to a survey report released by SharesPost, a survey was conducted in July addressing a total of 2,490 retail investors and 528 individuals regarding their plans for digital currencies.

The recent survey report shows that both traders and investors remain optimistic regarding digital currencies instead of the recent downfall in the prices of cryptocurrencies, starting since this year. Almost min, of 59% of investors and 72% of shoppers make sure they’re considering to purchase additional coins within the next upcoming months. Additionally, 57% of investors and 66% of shoppers expect crypto valuations to grow in the next year.

Respondents were conjointly asked to rank digital currencies by their choice of preference. Bitcoin was still the most most well-liked cryptocurrency, followed by Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin. According to the survey, respondents found that these four digital currencies have the foremost potential to run for a long success.

Furthermore, participants progressively expressed their interest in the blockchain technology. Around 32% of investors and 49% of shoppers said that their employers have an interest in implementing blockchain technology within the close future.

Both shoppers and investors assume the success of blockchain integration largely depends on the prevalence of relevant business applications and correct education on the technology.

However, about 50% of respondents stated that market volatility was their chief concern of worry, whereas 37mentioned security as their main concern of worry.

As antecedently reported, another poll was conducted by analysis and research service ‘YouGov Omnibus’ in Aug. shows that around half of the Americans have an interest in cryptocurrency.

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