Support for LiteCoins 'LTC' Added To MCO Mobile Wallet App Now.

Support for LiteCoins 'LTC' Added To MCO Mobile Wallet App Now.

2018-08-03 | Selina Mathew

Support for LiteCoins 'LTC' Added To MCO Mobile Wallet App Now.

A pioneering cryptocurrency payment system named Manaco ‘MCO’ has recently launched its support for Litecoin ‘LTC’ to its MCO wallet mobile application.

Later to Bitcoin ‘BTC’,  Ethereum ‘ETH’ and Binance Coin ‘BNB’ etc, now another virtual currency namely ‘Litcoin’ will be added to’s MCO platform. Since after the launch of the wallet mobile app, the company is working to expand user’s options for trading in cryptocurrencies lying the initial groundwork for the launch of the MCO Visa Card, as promised by the company in its original ‘Technical White-paper.’

In an official announcement by the co-founder and CEO of the company, ‘Kris Marszalek’-

“By listing Litecoin on the MCO Wallet App, we are deepening both the functionality of the app for users and transforming into a go-to, intuitive cryptocurrency exchange platform. We look forward to continually and regularly expanding the variety of cryptocurrencies available to our platform users. Our support of Litecoin marks an essential step in this process as we strive to broaden the audience of cryptocurrency spenders and investors."

The founder of Litecoins ‘Charlie Lee’  quoted this partnership as:

"Litecoin Foundation and share a common vision of accelerating the development and adoption of cryptocurrency. As Litecoin moves towards widespread acceptance as currency for a growing number of merchants, I'm excited to see Litecoin support added to the MCO Wallet App and the MCO Visa Card. We look forward to advancing the mission to expand crypto-currency use together with by helping more users buy and spend Litecoins in their day-to-day lives."

However, the company’s past reveal some partnership controversies but this time appears to be building a new trust in the community using its new brand and identity again.

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