Solana Upcoming Exchange 'Soldex' With AI Trading Automated System - Preview.

Solana Upcoming Exchange 'Soldex' With AI Trading Automated System - Preview.

2021-10-02 | Robin Williams

Solana Upcoming Exchange 'Soldex' With AI Trading Automated System - Preview.

The upcoming exchanges designed for Solana, 'Soldex', will include machine learning, neural networks, and blockchain technology to allow users to build and operate their trading bots. Soldex is a third-generation crypto exchange and is one of the first digital exchanges (DEXs) to be built in Solana. What distinguishes it from intermediate trading, even with other DEX, is its unique automated trading machine learning systems that can be developed and delivered by the users themselves. In addition, the platform considers the fact that it was built on Solana as a major advantage. Solana blockchain is known to be faster than most blockchains today, bringing transactions at a rate of two thousand times faster than Ethereum (ETH) at less than half the cost. In fact, it is this efficiency that has led to Solana's tremendous growth this year - its effects naturally surpassed its natural project plan. Soldex believes it will be particularly well-suited to be a leading player in the low-level exchange space, and investors have been paying close attention. The platform recently protected investment in CSP DAO, a blockchain-focused company, and renowned technology investor Evan Luthra. The platform uses machine learning and neural network algorithms where marketers can place their customized bots. These robots will be built based on the individual vendor's risk tolerance process, budget, time frame, margin, crypto pairs, and flexibility. The DEX tool will not be limited to professional traders to use it. Even the average trader will be able to access educational tools that will guide him through the process of setting up an AI-powered bot. Alternatively, novice traders can follow the unique trading bots produced by professional traders, who will also receive a commission to share them. The exchange proposes Solana's ecosystem to enable faster and easier trading for platform users while keeping it fully dedicated. According to Soldex, a key area in the design of its "new generation trading platform" has always been the speed and efficiency of blockchain infrastructure.

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