Silver, Gold & Now Bitcoin - So, What Is Actually Driving The Prices?

Silver, Gold & Now Bitcoin - So, What Is Actually Driving The Prices?

2020-07-24 | Eddy Morgan

Silver, Gold & Now Bitcoin - So, What Is Actually Driving The Prices?

Silver is one among its best weeks in recent times. Its performance on Tuesday saw the foremost valuable break above 2014 highs as it price went above $22 USD. With over 10% increase, it had outperformed both gold and Bitcoin. This offered a chance for Peter Schiff to require a dig at Bitcoin which at the same time has also climbed by around 3%.

What Is Actually Driving The Prices?

Indications point to the EU stimulus package agreement. The deal that had been dragging for weeks was finally agreed on Tuesday with the EU set to overprint $2T to rehabilitate the economy following the coronavirus outbreak.

Moreover, this reason would generally lead gold and Bitcoin to also rally to new highs as investors seek a secure haven against inflation. Their indifference to do so then points to Silver having been undervalued within the previous couple of months and investors taking advantage to catch up.

Peter Schiff who has been extended term gold advocate recently took to Twitter to throw jabs at Bitcoin. In recent weeks, the gold evangelist has been riding high and mighty as gold continues to mark new grounds while Bitcoin fails to succeed in its 2020 high.

Bitcoin [BTC] investors have been ogling at Silver prices as it posted over 10% gains in under 24 hours on Tuesday. For Bitcoin, via such price actions are the norm for years, within the previous couple of months, the asset has been moving sideways, presently trading at a price around $9,532 USD.

Some analysts have argued that the bulls are in an accumulation phase, manipulating prices from much above higher high grounds before they hold heavy. Others think this is often the effect of institutional investor entry. With institutional investors increasing within the previous couple of months, and with their necessity to carry & hold stable assets, that has indeed led to the drastic drop within the volatility.

[caption id="attachment_9575" align="aligncenter" width="698"]Silver, Gold & Now Bitcoin - So, What Is Actually Driving The Prices? 1-Year Bitcoin Price Chart.[/caption]

On the other hand, analysts expect that Bitcoin will soon escape of its range and convey back its signature volatile pattern. Notably, they expect it to be solid after such a squeeze within the present range.

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