Samsung Seemingly Seek's Trademark Within The U.K. For A Cryptocurrency Wallet.

Samsung Seemingly Seek's Trademark Within The U.K. For A Cryptocurrency Wallet.

2018-12-29 | Eddy Morgan

Samsung Seemingly Seek's Trademark Within The U.K. For A Cryptocurrency Wallet.

In line a recent U.K. Intellectual Property Office report 'filed', South Korean manufacturing giant ‘Samsung’ is seemingly seeking a trademark within the U.K. for a cryptocurrency wallet. 

In the “Classes and terms” section of the report, Samsung cites such developments as “Computer software for use as a crypto wallet; computer software for cryptocurrency transfer and payment employing blockchain technology; computer application software for smartphones, namely, software to permit users to transfer cryptocurrency supporting blockchain technology and pay via third party’s application software.”

The application follows 'rumors' — after refuted by Samsung — that the corporate has plans to incorporate a cryptocurrency cold wallet on its Galaxy S10 smartphone. Samsung filed three EU [European Union] trademark applications for blockchain- and cryptocurrency-  related software on 10th December.

Earlier in Dec., major smartphone manufacturer HTC integrated decentralized browser Brave on the HTC Exodus one phone, “the 1st native blockchain phone” with support for multiple blockchains, together with Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH] networks.

Last month, blockchain-focused electronics supplier named SIRIN Labs launched its 1st blockchain-based smartphone known as FINNEY. Supporting both android and SIRIN’s open source operating system, SIRIN OS, the FINNEY phone offers a cold-storage cryptocurrency wallet and provides encrypted communications.

In October, Samsung’s production wing, Samsung Foundry, 'revealed' a new production process of its 7-nanometer [nm] Low Power Plus [7LPP] method node, that is expected to reduce its energy consumption by up to 50 %. The chip might supposedly have positive implications for crypto miners using Samsung’s hardware, as energy prices sway be a vital factor within the industry’s profitability.

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