Samsung Node - More Profitable Mining Chips Revealed By Samsung Wing.

Samsung Node - More Profitable Mining Chips Revealed By Samsung Wing.

2018-10-19 | Eddy Morgan

Samsung Node - More Profitable Mining Chips Revealed By Samsung Wing.

Samsung Foundry - Samsung’s production wing, has recently revealed its new production process of its 7-nanometer (nm) Low Power plus [7LPP] process node, that is expected to reduce its energy consumption by up to over 50%.

In line with a recent official press release, a new process that is based on extreme ultraviolet [EUV] lithography technology, makes the new 7LPP chips additionally dense [area economical] and energy efficient is revealed by Samsung. This might have positive implications for crypto miners using Samsung’s hardware, as energy prices influence be a very important factor within the industry’s profitableness. 

As mining hardware develops at a fast pace, chips still are becoming smaller and additionally economical. Earlier in April, the company revealed its 10nm hardware for Halong Mining’s DragonMint T1. In line with Samsung, the new EUV-based 7LPP process node could be a massive push of Samsung Foundry’s technology roadmap, and will pave the approach for next 3 nm technology node semiconductors development .

Samsung states that 7LPP would offer a technological push in AI, IoT, networking, automotive, 5G, and enterprise and hyperscale datacenter.

While Samsung has not still disclosed the names of its primary customers to use these new 7LPP chips technology, the firm implied that the primary chips to use it would target mobile and high performance computing [HPC] applications.

The executive VP of foundry sales and marketing team at Samsung Electronics ‘Charlie Bae’, aforementioned that the introduction of the new EUV-based 7LPP node could be a revolutionary milestone within the semiconductor trade. He declared that the “fundamental shift” of wafers producing is an “optimal alternative not just for mobile and HPC, however additionally for a large vary of cutting-edge applications.”

However earlier today, largest international chip manufacturer firm Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing [TSMC] forecasted very low demand for crypto mining hardware to counterbalance its revenue growth in the second half of 2018.

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