Ripple [XRP] Violating Coinbase Pro Listing Rules - Report.

Ripple [XRP] Violating Coinbase Pro Listing Rules - Report.

2019-02-27 | Mike Hallen

Ripple [XRP] Violating Coinbase Pro Listing Rules - Report.

In line with a recent analysis report published by ‘Diar’, Ripple [XRP] is reportedly said to violating one among Coinbase's listing rules, despite the fact that the cryptocurrency exchange extended its support for the altcoin on the its Professional ‘Pro’ platform.

Moreover, in its “Digital Asset Framework,” Coinbase added that “the possession stake retained by the team can be a minority stake," whereas, per Diar, Ripple [XRP] holds around 60% of the availability in escrow with a release schedule.

Coinbase pro - the professional offering of U.S. - based crypto trading platform and wallet service provider ‘Coinbase’, added 'support' for Ripple [XRP] token yesterday. Within the announcement, Coinbase declared that full trading of 'XRP' will be offered for customers in U.S., Canada, E.U., U.K., Singapore and Australia, while additionally planning to expand its services to several other countries in coming days.

Ripple [XRP] reacted promptly to the news concerning its 'listing' on Coinbase Pro. The coin turned to be one among the largest winners on the day, reaching around $0.337 USD following a gradual decline from the weekly high of around $0.341 USD on 19th Feb.

As reported earlier last month, cryptocurrency analytics firm ‘Messari’ revealed a report, alleging that Ripple’ market capitalisation might be 'overvalued' by $6 Bln. The report added that XRP’s liquid circulating supply might be overestimated by 48%, showing the “actual” market cap at $6.9 Bln rather than the $13 Bln that was then reported on CoinMarketCap.

In line with Ripple’ 'Q4 report for 2018', the corporate sold over $535.56 Mln priced XRP in 2018. During Q4, 3 Bln XRP was reportedly released out of cryptographic agreement, while 2.4 Bln were returned. Per the statement, the remaining 600 Mln XRP was not returned as per the written agreement that was to be used to assist in supporting the XRP ecosystem.”

However, at the reporting time, Ripple [XRP] is presently trading at a price around '$0.321 USD' and is 0.29% higher than yesterday.

Ripple [XRP] Violating Coinbase Pro Listing Rules - Report.

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