Ripple Itself Assisted Transfer Of 150 Mln Whales Coins - Know More!

Ripple Itself Assisted Transfer Of 150 Mln Whales Coins - Know More!

2021-12-18 | Daniel Smith

Ripple Itself Assisted Transfer Of 150 Mln Whales Coins - Know More!

According to tweets from prominent crypto tracking site Whale Alert, Ripple, and other big crypto exchanges have shoveled around 265 million XRP tokens in the last 20 hours. In five remarkable transactions, Ripple has transmitted more than half of the huge number of cryptocurrencies nudged over. Ripple moves 180 million XRP Ripple, a San Francisco-based DLT service provider, has sent 180 million XRP in two transactions. One amongst them is the biggest of the five transactions listed above, which had 150 million XRP. The second one had 30 million coins in it. In total, the crypto behemoth has sent almost $147 million in cryptocurrency. As per the Bithump data website, these transactions were transferred between the company's internal addresses. The total amount of cryptocurrency exchanged is $221,405,655 in fiat. Korean exchanges exchanged 85 million XRP. Bithumb and CoinOne, two Korean crypto trading platforms, remitted the remaining 265 million XRP. They sent 85 million XRP in three transactions: 20 million and 52 million coins were transferred among Bithumb's internal wallets, respectively, and CoinOne transferred 13,011,731 XRP between its own addresses. These transactions have moved a total of $104,492,994 in value. The erstwhile SEC head has refused to comment on the Ripple case. In the latest discussion with CNBC's Squawk Box show, erstwhile Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Jay Clayton, who begun the legal battle against Ripple all through his final few days in that high position at the SEC, was questioned if the SEC was impacted in any way by Ripple competitors to begin this litigation. One of the owner's preconceptions, Becky Quick, would be that the court lawsuit was spurred by Ethereum supporters. Clayton, on the other hand, declined to make any particular comments on the subject, stating that the accused are allowed to have whatever ideas they wish. Surprisingly, Clayton claimed that he believes strongly in bitcoin technology. He joined the chairman of global crypto asset manager Apollo Global Management after stepping down as the SEC's chair last December. The firm's AUM is $414 billion. He has even described Bitcoin as a store of value and stated that "crypto is here to stay."

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