Riot Blockchain Successfully Mines 187 Bitcoin Last Month – Financial Report.

Within an official announcement today on Monday, Riot Blockchain revealed that it produced 187 Bitcoin [BTC] – roughly $11.2 Mln – last month, an 80% hike over its BTC mining since March last year. The firm added that it held over 1,565 Bitcoin on its record as of 31st March, representing over $94 Mln in crypto assets.

The mining report follows Riot’s $138 Mln purchase of 42,000 S19j Antminers from crypto mining giant Bitmain. Roughly 6% of the rigs – 2,400 Antminers – are reportedly already en route to Coinmint’s facility situated in New York, where Riot runs some of its mining operations. By the end of April, Riot outlined that it’ll have 16,146 Antminers operational & capable of manufacturing 1.6 exahashes per second.

As more of the Antminers are put into operation, Riot expects its hashing power to rise significantly. By the end of this year, the mining firm expects to realize a hash rate capacity of 3.8 EH/s, while the entire fleet capacity of 81,146 Antminers – expected to be fully operational before the fourth quarter of next year – may produce a hash rate of 7.7 EH/s. consistent with blockchain data, which is able to represent over 4% of the hash rate of the whole Bitcoin network, roughly 171 Mln terahashes per second at the time of reporting.

Riot is additionally reportedly getting to purchase a major mining facility within the state of Texas. The mining firm added last week that it might purchase the Northern Data-owned Whinstone firm for $650 Mln. The deal would seemingly permit Riot to run its rigs in Texas with a complete capacity of 750 megawatts, with a future plan for 300 MW expansion in mere future.

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