Retail Is Really Driving Up The Price Of Bitcoin - Ledger CEO.

Retail Is Really Driving Up The Price Of Bitcoin - Ledger CEO.

2022-01-13 | Daniel Smith

Retail Is Really Driving Up The Price Of Bitcoin - Ledger CEO.

Pascal Gauthier, CEO of crypto wallet business Ledger, answered queries about the condition of the cryptocurrency world as Bitcoin prices recovered following a drop last week.

Gauthier told within an earlier interview at the Crypto Finance Conference in St. Moritz, Switzerland, that the scenario with Bitcoin (BTC) counts as no shock. The shopping trend is visible and "just identical."

The latest information from Glassnode, an on-chain market information service, backs up the assertion. The amount of BTC addresses with a non-zero balance has reached an all-time high, slightly shy of 40 million.

The non-zero balance amount is an analytical measure that provides a status update on Bitcoin acceptance. Increasing addresses indicate that far more people are joining the Bitcoin network, indicating that retail is on the rise.

Concerning cryptocurrencies, Gauthier expressed concern regarding projects that have lately outpaced Bitcoin. He predicted that this year will be a year of convergence for certain cryptos.

According to Gauthier, Solana (SOL) offers an excellent value offer for nonfungible tokens and is well-positioned to combat with Ether (ETH). Whilst several of the ten leading protocols had high price conjecture and surges in 2021, the market expects "excellent stuff from these protocols."

He finished with a firm guideline for blockchains: "The token of a blockchain would be that blockchain's safety." The higher the value of the token, the further safe the blockchain."

Presently, the Ledger hardware wallet handles approximately 50 distinct protocols. Ledger, France's initial cryptocurrency unicorn, would issue a cryptocurrency debit card within the upcoming three months. To combat the caliber of Mastercard, which is likewise releasing cryptocurrency-linked cards, it will surely draw on its cryptocurrency knowledge.

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