Researchers Warn Monero [XMR] Mining Malware In Adobe Flash Player Updates.

Researchers Warn Monero [XMR] Mining Malware In Adobe Flash Player Updates.

2018-10-12 | Big Bob

Researchers Warn Monero [XMR] Mining Malware In Adobe Flash Player Updates.

In line with a recent new analysis published by a research group named ‘Unit 42’, Palo Networks' threat intelligence team, the new Adobe Flash Player malware strain sneakily compels computers to mine Monero [XMR] by illicitly installing a [XMRig cryptocurrency mine-worker].

The new malware is alleged to be significantly harmful, because the developers have derived the pop-up notification similar to a legit Abode Flash Player installer. Moreover, the transfer will considerably also update targeted systems with the latest version of Flash player, additionally adding to its superficial legitimacy. 

Analyst ‘Brad Duncan’ adding further said:

“In most cases, faux Flash updates pushing malware don't seem to be terribly stealthy… but as in this instance, it adds the latest Flash player update, a possible victim might not be able to notice unusual out of this standard procedure.”

Unit 42 analysis reportedly uncovered the strain while checking out popular faux Flash Player updates employing AutoFocus which is Palo Alto Networks intelligence tool:

“77.. malware samples are identified with a CoinMiner tag in AutoFocus. The remaining thirty six samples share other tags with those seventy seven CoinMiner-related executables.”

As antecedently reported also, coin miner works employing Coinhive which is a JavaScript program created to mine Monero [XMR] via an online browser. In line with Unit 42, samples that deceivingly mimic associate degreed install an actual Flash update are in circulation as of from Aug 2018.

It was just yesterday when Iran’s cybersecurity authority issued a report that claimed that the major number of recorded incidents of Coinhive infection in which illicit Monero [XMR] mining is being observed accounting Brazil at the 1st position, followed by India at the 2nd position along with Indonesia at 3rd.

As reported by EtherDesk earlier, cryptojacking malware reports are aforesaid to have surged almost around by 500% in 2018. As per estimations, around 5% of the circulating Monero [XMR] is mined illicitly using malware’s.

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