Reddit User Stores BTC Valued $100 In Communal Library For 100 Years – Know Why?

2022-02-14 | Mike Hallen

Reddit User Stores BTC Valued $100 In Communal Library For 100 Years – Know Why?

In Bitcoin (BTC) realm, there is rarely a boring moment. Notwithstanding the fact that marketplaces are asking for a slowdown, the inventive Bitcoin ecosystem constantly has something to laugh about.

Yesterday, a Redditor named Optimal-Dentistador (hereafter, OD) used a time-lapse competition to test the durability of the Bitcoin network.

OD “wrote a letter as well as also placed the private keys for $100 valued of BTC,” according to a post on the Bitcoin subreddit. They told in private that they “placed 0.003 BTC on a fresh address, placed the private as well as a public key along with the letter in the package, and here we are.”

The lifetime experiment was motivated by the latest happenings held by the public library in OD’s city–events that will stay unnamed at OD’s desire.

OD chose to include “something unique” in the memory box, specifically the public and private key data for 0.003 BTC, which is around $100 at the current exchange rate. “I will inform my relatives about this,” they informed, but OD also joked that they could “subsequently forget this entire affair, who tells what would occur in the coming decades.”

The Reddit forum quickly pointed out that, whilst 0.003 BTC may seem little in 2022, it might be regarded as a market-moving quantity in a hundred years.

OD joked that it is akin to discovering the “Bitfinex hack amount of money” in a letter in today’s environment. The US Department of Justice just confiscated $3.6 billion as part of the Bitfinex disaster.

Considering that the letter would not be unsealed till 2022, one Redditor, “fontinuos,” expressed sadness that “every single one of us would be gone and won’t see the conclusion.” Whilst it’s a good experiment, OD admits that the end result is “a dismal sensation.”

Nonetheless, the meme value is high, and OD’s kids may be wealthy. “See you in 2122, the pinnacle diamond hands:)” OD officially added.

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