Qtum Platform In Partnership With Amazon Web Services.

Qtum Platform In Partnership With Amazon Web Services.

2018-07-25 | Selina Mathew

Qtum Platform In Partnership With Amazon Web Services.


Developed for hybrid operation of implementing Ethereum Smart Contacts with the powerful Blockchain technology by the Qtum foundation.Designed as a toolkit, the platform makes use of the proof-of-stake type to cut back the community’s computational issue whilst mitigating and fixing scalability.


As per the Qtum Foundation CIO Miguel Palencia stated in a press:

“Qtum’s release within the AWS market supplies an easy-to-use and strong cloud-based resolution for its customers and the Enterprise. Any user who desires to construct/develop DApps at the Qtum platform or use it as a staking node will benefit from this.”


Stating One of many advantages of the usage of the Qtum AMI on AWS is the convenience of working with the blockchain technology without having any thorough knowledge of the concept. The platform makes it imaginable for someone to run a Qtum node preinstalled to launch a server on its mainnet.

As per a word from Palencia, this unique feature of the Qtum technology as Qmix IDE would be beneficial for everyone. Companies big or small can launch the servers without having to spend a considerable amount on its infrastructure." The Qtum AMI is also free for AWS customers to deploy a Qtum (server). Users can deploy a test network on the instance to simulate a public blockchain without paying a fee.

More Benefits In Future

Among some features of the Qtum AMI users will also get the Qtum and Solidity compiler needed for building and executing smart contracts based on Ethereum blockchain to imlement within the blockchain technology.

Amazon has been quite lively with this new concept of upcoming blockchain technology since 2016, considering the unimaginable expansion of the digital world in future. Several other companies such as ConsenSys, AWS etc are also working for the simplification of adoption of blockchain technology globally.

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