Polkadot Price Prediction In 2022 By Market Experts.

Polkadot Price Prediction In 2022 By Market Experts.

2021-12-29 | Daniel Smith

Polkadot Price Prediction In 2022 By Market Experts.

As 2022 approaches, prominent cryptocurrency researcher Benjamin Cowen has identified certainly reasonable predictions for interoperable blockchain Polkadot (DOT). Cowen examines Polkadot in its Ethereum pair (DOT/ETH) in a fresh strategy discussion to assess its potential as an altcoin. As per Cowen, DOT at minimum fluctuates versus Ethereum, in a contrast to many altcoins, which flow downwards steadily. dot


"The DOT/ETH value is something we must consider and monitor closely." The primary criterion for a good cryptocurrency is that it be, at the very minimum, an oscillator versus Ethereum on a macro scale. What's the purpose if it can't fluctuate over Ethereum? You're putting yourself in more danger for less gain. So there's still possibility that DOT will work as an oscillator for ETH, but it's too soon to determine." According to the expert, while DOT's price behaviour hasn't been as noteworthy as it might have been at the beginning of 2021, the interoperability chain is eventually developing a positive structure over the long run. According to Cowen, fresh all-time highs might be set in the first or second quarter of the following year. "We recognize that DOT has not performed along with several of the other layer-1s we've examined in current months." However, I would say that on a macro basis, we are typically putting in greater lows. This appears to be concluding in a steady upswing up to approximately the $50 to $60 level... Although if Bitcoin remains somewhat positive, which I believe it does, it might be along. It might be a long time before DOT is able to return to these levels. We might aim for the first or second quarters of 2022... I'm hoping that DOT continues to rise and that it will eventually burst out to fresh all-time highs as we got closer to 2022."

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