Polemos Plans To Expand Into P2E Gaming With $2 Mln Fundraise.

Polemos Plans To Expand Into P2E Gaming With $2 Mln Fundraise.

2021-11-23 | Big Bob

Polemos Plans To Expand Into P2E Gaming With $2 Mln Fundraise.

Polemos, a non-affiliated tokens (NFT)-focused play-to-earn (P2E) sports organization, has received $ 2 million in a strategic sponsorship round to focus on its open role-playing (RPG) game. Illuvium is a self-sacrificing open-world RPG game built on the Ethereum blockchain that will be released as an open beta in Q1 2022. Illuvials are creatures that are portrayed as commercial NFTs by the players. Digital currency can be used to combat other players and fulfill objectives, with each victory increasing your power. Polemos announced funding round on Friday, sponsored by investment firm Delphi Digital and venture capital firm Framework Ventures. SushiSwap, Aave, 1inch Exchange, and a few other companies are among the investors in this round. Polemos has teamed with online gaming operator Asian Logic in order to develop a network of multiplayer players before the Illuvium is released. The organization's core group will be its users, and some will be found in its Discord community. Illuvium's founder, Kieran Warwick, said:  "Groups such as Polemos will assist participants in entering the Metaverse by offering financial and boarding assistance. It is critical to meet the needs of gaming players in order to increase the broad adoption of crypto games. Polemos creates a learning management system called GameFi, as well as a nationwide distributed asset exchange and a player analysis platform for teaching, tracking, analyzing, and managing players. The company intends to provide a fundamental basis for gamers in underdeveloped countries by teaching them gaming skills or giving them basic resources like tokens and toys. Despite comparatively little research and development, the CEO of Electronic Arts recently stated that NFTs and gaming for profit are the future of the gaming industry. Ubisoft's CEO restated the company's plans to invest in blockchain-centric game firms on the platform in October, promoting the company's acquisition as a founder member of the Blockchain Game Alliance.

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