Yulia Tymoshenko - The Former PM Tackles Corruption Using Blockchain.

Yulia Tymoshenko - The Former PM Tackles Corruption Using Blockchain.

2018-12-12 | Big Bob

Yulia Tymoshenko - The Former PM Tackles Corruption Using Blockchain.

In line with a recent web post 'published' on ‘Facebook,’ the prime minister of Ukraine ‘Yulia Tymoshenko’, who is presently also running a presidential campaign for the March 2019 elections, needs to tackle corruption employing blockchain.

Tymoshenko dedicated her post to International Anti-Corruption Day, stating that the state is immersed in ‘total corruption.’ She further said that her party, the All-Ukrainian Union "Fatherland", is attempting to combat the existing bribery within the state.

The former prime minister mentioned blockchain technology as a good tool for public administration. As per Tymoshenko, so as to forestall corruption, state registries ought to be hold on on a blockchain.

Among other measures, she additionally urged to guard the country’s courts from the influence of politicians, to sue officers that settle for bribes and to interrupt monopolies. Tymoshenko has antecedently called 'blockchain' as the best technology for combating corruption after she revealed at a forum in Kiev last June.

Explaining further, she said:

“Blockchain could be a excellent anti-corruption technology, that is even proved by international practices. So as to fully eliminate corruption public registries and to guard every citizen's personal information, we've to transfer all administration systems to blockchain.”

Tymoshenko was prime minister of state for the first time in 2005, and then in late 2007 to early 2010. Earlier in June this year, she declared her name for President of Ukraine for the upcoming elections.

As reported earlier in August, the Ukrainian Electoral Commission held a decentralized voting pilot  employing twenty eight nodes on the NEM blockchain. Oleksandr Stelmakh, the head of the State Register at the Central Electoral Commission of state, said that they're “continuing a series of experiments applying blockchain technology inside electoral voting.”

The country is additionally considering the issuance of a state-owned digital currency, named ‘e-hryvnia’, which is based on blockchain and tied to the national fiat currency ‘hryvnia’. Proponents expect the national digital currency to extend the speed of non-cash payments and scale back their price.

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