PM Of New Zealand Used By Faux News Site To Promote Bitcoin Startup.

PM Of New Zealand Used By Faux News Site To Promote Bitcoin Startup.

2018-10-12 | Eddy Morgan

PM Of New Zealand Used By Faux News Site To Promote Bitcoin Startup.

According to a recent news by local source ‘Stuff,’ many sponsored posts had recently emerged on the renowned social media platform Facebook, that includes the image of the PM of New Zealand with headlines like "New investment set up for Kiwis" and targeted at several age groups within the country.

The posts coupled to a faux news web site that looked as if it would be impersonating CNN Tech, with articles incorrectly claiming that the country's Treasury Dept. had simply signed a $250 Mln deal to purchase a company named as ‘Bitcoin Revolution’.

The faux article focused on the line:

"This is where the future lies.”

However, after Stuff revealed the posts to Ardern's office, the latter filed a complaint to Facebook, after which they took down the the sponsored content including the image of the PM of New Zealand, the report added.

Furthermore, it seems that this is often not the first time that faux news sites have associated the image of Ardern for the crypto promotions. A interpreter at the PM's office was quoted as adding that the no. of such faux ads has become large, even for them to trace.

Adding further he said:

"We are not able to manually or digitally monitor the increasing volume of faux news that fraudulently uses pictures of the Prime Minister."

The news is one more instance during which crypto scammers are employing social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter etc to market faux campaigns targeting web users.

As reported earlier also, a similar instance occurred on Twitter also where a verified Twitter account impersonating enterpriser Elon Musk had been allowed to market a tweet for a crypto giveaway scam.

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