PayPal Co-Founder "Peter Thiel’s" Backed Electronic Brokerage Firm 'Tagomi' Launches.

PayPal Co-Founder "Peter Thiel’s" Backed Electronic Brokerage Firm 'Tagomi' Launches.

2018-12-18 | Selina Mathew

PayPal Co-Founder "Peter Thiel’s" Backed Electronic Brokerage Firm 'Tagomi' Launches.

In line with a recent official press release 'announcement', Tagomi Holdings Inc., which is an electronic brokerage startup founded by PayPal co-founder "Peter Thiel’s" venture capital firm, is launched.

Tagomi is an electronic brokerage for digital assets. The firm’s offerings embrace cross market execution, capital management, post-trading news, along with settlements and custodial services.

In linw with the CEO of Tagomi, ‘Jennifer Campbell’, the corporate aims to ease the operational challenges associated with commercialism of digital assets. The corporate caters to purchasers that “require institutional operational standards.”

As reported earlier in Oct., institutional investors replaced a high net-worth investors as the major patrons of cryptocurrency transactions over $100,000 USD. A previous report from Diar stated that institutional investors have shifted to OTC [over-the-counter] markets.

Tagomi reportedly raised $16 Mln from such capitalist players as Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund that invests in technology corporations, seed-stage investment fund SV Angel, personal equity and venture capital firm cooperative fund, and others.

Founders Fund primarily proclaimed its plans to invest in Tagomi in May 2018, as 'reportable' by WSJ. Thiel reportedly aforesaid then that Bitcoin [BTC] might become the digital equivalent of gold, additionally as a possible hedge on the market.

That month, Thiel steered that ‘longing’ Bitcoin instead of shorting is better commercialism strategy. Despite this, he gave a probability of up to 80 % that the world’s first cryptocurrency would ultimately become 'worthless'.

Later in July, EOS developer secured investments from Thiel along with crypto mining hardware billionaire named ‘Jihan Wu’ of Bitmain. At the reporting time, Thiel was reported to have invested around $20 Mln in Bitcoin [BTC] through Founders Fund.

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