Panther Raises $22 Mln's - Sells 5% Of Its Total ZRP Supply.

Panther Raises $22 Mln's - Sells 5% Of Its Total ZRP Supply.

2021-11-26 | Mike Hallen

Panther Raises $22 Mln's - Sells 5% Of Its Total ZRP Supply.

Panther sold 5% of the total ZKP supply through a public sale, with the other 15% sold through seed, pre-seed, and private investment. Panther Protocol, a technology company that supports privacy in the expanding financial industry (DeFi), has finished its public marketing and will now focus on developing DeFi and Web3 privacy solutions. Panter started earlier on November 25 that its recent public sale of ZKP tokens raised $ 22 million, bringing the total raised to $ 32 million. According to the Panther project, the public auction of the Panther Protocol was completed in less than 90 minutes on Nov. 23. Panther Protocol, which was launched in Q3 2020, was built utilizing zk-SNARKs, a new sort of anonymous cryptography used for encrypted cryptocurrencies like Zcash (ZEC). "Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge," or "zk-SNARK," refers to a situation in which a person can establish specific knowledge without disclosing it. Panther improves the interactive privacy framework of DeFi and Web3 by using a number of blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Flare, Near, and Avalanche. The protocol makes use of zAssets, which are one-to-one basic asset-based presentations that give users the benefits of private operations in a new asset type. Panther earlier stated that the public sale of the protocol will entail 5% of the entire ZKP and "different opening programs." Seeds, seeds, and the next three private sales cycles accounted for 15% of the total amount sold. Panther claims that the initiative has received $ ten million in private finance. Some of the alleged eager investors in Panther's $ 22 million public offerings claimed that they couldn't afford to keep paying. "The astonishing support for Discord was in place for 90 minutes and did not let me make a single payment because the buttons did not operate," one self-proclaimed investor complained. The DeFi sector grew this year despite a big round of cryptocurrency markets, with the total number of locks on all DeFi agreements reaching a new record high of more than $ 270 billion in early November. In response to DeFi's growing popularity, industry projects have been focusing on privacy solutions. Privacy is a big issue in preventing DeFi advertising, according to Paolo Guida, head of investment at Blockchain Valley Ventures.

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