Ongoing Phishing Attack On Electrum Wallet : Error '#4953'.

Ongoing Phishing Attack On Electrum Wallet : Error '#4953'.

2018-12-28 | Mike Hallen

Ongoing Phishing Attack On Electrum Wallet : Error '#4953'.

In line with a recent report 'published', a reportedly ongoing hacking against cryptocurrency wallet Electrum has seen a malicious party steal nearly 250 Bitcoin [BTC] [about $937,000 USD].

Subsequently 'confirmed' by Electrum itself, the attack consists of making an illicit version of the wallet for fooling users into providing personal credentials.

“The hacker setup a full bunch of malicious servers,” Reddit user u/normal_rc explained:

“If someone's [Electrum wallet] is connected to any of these servers, and try’s to send a Bitcoin [BTC] transaction , they'd see an official-looking message telling them to update their Electrum wallet, along with the scam URL.”

Ongoing Phishing Attack On Electrum Wallet : Error '#4953'.

Affected users report making an attempt and failing to log in to their wallets after providing their two-factor authentication code — one thing Electrum doesn't really request during login. The hackers then empty the wallet balance.

“[W]hen I logged on it asked me for my 2-factor authentication code that i believed was a bit strange as [Electrum] solely asks for the code when you attempt any transfer,” one victim continued in another Reddit post, 'stating':

“I kept making an attempt to send and kept receiving a same error code mentioning ‘max fee exceeded not more than 50 sat/B [satoshi's per byte]’ I then restored my wallet on a separate laptop and located that my balance had been transferred completely.”

In line with u/normal_rc, many addresses are feeding into one main holding address, that presently contains around '245.36 Bitcoin’s [BTC]'.

Electrum posted concerning the incident on Twitter, stating “there is an going phishing attack against [Electrum users]” and implored users to check the validity of the resource they were signing into.

Mentioning further the tweet continued:

“Our official web-site is[.] Please don't transfer Electrum from any other source.”

Wallet hacks are however less frequent than those afflicting on-line exchanges, many of which — most notoriously Japan’s 'Coincheck' — have lost users countless dollars, earlier this year.

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